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 Department of Housing and Residential Life

2009-2010 Residence Hall and Apartment Prices

Please note:  Students assigned to any of the residence halls listed except the Condominiums will be assessed a $221.00 communications fee by the Network & Telecommunications Services Group (NETS).


These prices are PER SEMESTER, unless otherwise noted.

Freshman Building Prices

Adams, Barlow, Bressler, Browning, Butterfield, Fayerweather, Gorham, Heathman, Hutchinson, Merrow, Peck, Tucker, and Weldin

Double Room Rate:  $3,091
Triple Room Rate:  $2,609

Upperclassman Building Prices

Garrahy and Wiley Halls - Apartments and Suites

Four Resident Apartment:	$3,957
Five Resident Apartment:	$3,899
Ten Resident Suite:		$3,689                              

Eddy Hall - Suites

RA Single:            $3,108
Double Room Suite:    $3,557
Five Resident Suite:  $3,776
Ten Resident Suite:   $3,689

Diversity House

Double Room Rate (includes Meal Plan):  $4,993                              

Aldrich, Burnside, Coddington, Dorr, Ellery, Hopkins

Single Room Rate:  $2,971
Double Room Rate:  $2,817
Triple Room Rate:  $2,609                              

Hutchinson, Merrow, Peck, Tucker

Single Rooms Only:  $3,245                         

Gateway Apartments

Small Double:   $3,091
Large Double:   $3,121
Single:         $3,245