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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply for on-campus housing?
A: Students may register for housing through MyHousing (see: How to Login). Freshmen may complete the housing and dining application 48 hours after paying the enrollment and housing deposit. Upper class students, who are already residents, register each spring. All other students, including transfer students, should consult a room assignment representative at 401-874-4151. If you are interested in living in a fraternity or sorority house, contact the Fraternity Managers Association at 401-874-2557.

Q: When are room assignments made?
A: Upper class room registration is conducted between spring break and final exams. It is an on-line application process. First year room assignments are conducted during the first three weeks of July.

Q: Is on-campus housing guaranteed for freshmen?
A: Entering students who pay their deposits and complete on-line applications are guaranteed on-campus housing. All others are assigned on a space availability basis. Every effort is made to assign all interested first year students.

Q: Is on-campus housing guaranteed for upper class students?
A: No, but every effort is made to assign as many interested upper class students as possible.

Q: Are all freshmen required to live on campus?
A: No, freshmen are not required to live on campus at URI. However, approximately 95% of first year students reside on campus each year.

Q: Are residents allowed to change their room assignments during the year?
A: Yes, students may change their room assignments as vacancies become available. Interested students should consult the Housing and Residential Life(HRL) main office for room change dates and times.

Q: Are there laundry rooms in all residence halls?
A: Yes, each residence hall or apartment complex has a designated commercial-grade laundry room.

Q: What should we bring for move-in weekend?
A: Consult the HRL Move-in Guide posted on this web site.

Q: Do all residence halls have elevators at URI?
A: Many residence hall have elevators. Those residence halls without elevators include Heathman, Fayerweather, Gorham, Bressler, Adams, Tucker, Hutchinson, and the Roger Williams Complex.

Q: What size is a standard residence hall mattress?
A: Residence hall mattresses meet all Rhode Island fire code standards and are 80” (extra long twin).

Q: Are residents allowed to have refrigerators and microwaves in their rooms?
A: Yes, residents are allowed to bring their own or rent small capacity refrigerators and standard microwaves. However, no heating element cooking equipment is allowed in student rooms.

Q: How do students get unwanted furniture removed from their rooms?
A: Residents interested in having furniture removed from their rooms must complete a Furniture Removal Form available through the Resident Advisor or from the Staff Office. Please do not put extra furniture in the hallway as it creates a fire evacuation hazard.

Q: How are computer connection problems reported?
A: The University maintains a tech support center at 874-HELP.

Q: Are all First Year students assigned together?
A: Yes, except for a few upper class singles sprinkled throughout the halls and in our Theme Houses.

Q: What are LLCs and Theme Houses?
A: LLCs, or Living Learning Communities, are first year halls where we partner with the University's nine academic colleges – nine for the coming year – and cluster assign similar majors to those halls. Freshmen also have access to one Theme House – the Women in Leadership House. Residents of a theme house eat meals that are provided right within the house. Students can express an interest in these living options on their housing application form.

Q: Can first year students request roommates?
A: Yes, but it must be reciprocal in nature. Each must request the other on the application form. We do our very best to put roommate requests together, but cannot guarantee it in every case given the timing of the request and the building style requested.

Q: Can first year students have cars on campus?
A: Yes. Please consult URI Parking for parking permit fees and designated residential parking lots.

Q: How do students remove trash from their rooms?
A: Trash dumpsters are conveniently located around residence halls. Residents are asked to remove their trash to these designated dumpsters and to recycle cans, plastic, and paper goods. Students are not to discard room trash in bathroom wastebins or in the hallways.

Q: What safety programs exist in the residence halls?
A: Campus safety is the responsibility of all members of our community, and it is our highest priority. URI maintains its own campus police force. URI PD officers routinely patrol the residential sectors of the Kingston campus and respond to requests for assistance in the residence halls. Resident Advisors conduct evening rounds every night of the week. All residence halls are locked 24/7 using card readers as access points. Kingston campus has a blue light emergency phone system campus wide. The Campus Police will provide escorts/rides to campus destination points during evening hours. Several residence halls possess closed circuit security cameras at primary entrance and egress points.

Q: Are the residence halls open during the break periods?
A: Yes. All undergraduate residence halls are open during the Thanksgiving, winter*, and spring breaks. Fall semester residents may reside in their fall semester assignment. There is no additional charge to residents to stay on campus during breaks. The exception is that fall residents who do not return to on-campus housing in the spring semester will be charged a daily rate for the time they continue to occupy their room after the last day of the fall semester.

*Please note that residents are required to submit an application to stay in their room during the winter intersession period.

Q: Does the University provide individual resident insurance for damage to, and loss of, students’ personal property?
A: No, the University will not insure against loss of, or damage to, personal property. Each resident student is encouraged to secure insurance coverage through a parent homeowner’s plan or from a basic coverage renter’s insurance contract.

Q: Is there housing for students who wish to stay at URI and take summer courses?
A: Yes, there is on-campus summer school housing. Summer housing information is available on this website here or can be obtained through the Customer Service Office at 401-874-4151.

Q: How many credits must be maintained in order to reside on campus?
A: Generally, a student must maintain full time student status with 12 or more credits in order to reside in URI residence halls.