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Freshman Housing Options

First year students who are eligible for on-campus housing will be assigned to one of the corridor-style residence halls that collectively comprise URI's "Freshman Village". First year halls are clustered within residential neighborhoods conveniently located between the academic, athletic, and recreational sectors of campus.

Our Freshman dorms include Adams, Barlow, Bressler, Browning, Butterfield, Fayerweather, Gorham, Heathman, Hillside, Hutchinson, Merrow, Peck, Tucker, and Weldin. These co-ed residence halls have been specifically selected for first year housing since their floor plans encourage the social interaction that facilitates the smooth transition to college life at URI.

On average, there is one Resident Advisor (RA) for every 25 students in these buildings, in addition to Resident Academic Mentors (RAMs) assigned to each Living and Learning Community.

There are two styles of resident bathroom configurations in the Freshman Village. Traditional hallway community-style bathrooms feature hallway bathrooms (male and female specific) that are maintained by URI custodial staff. The alternative style offers semi-private bathrooms – these suite-style bathrooms are shared by a pair of adjoined rooms and maintained by the residents who share the bathroom.

Freshmen may elect to live in a Living and Learning, where students with similar academic interests and course loads live and study together, while supporting one another in their mutual academic pursuits.

All students will be assigned one or two roommates based on the information submitted with the student's Housing Application. It is the policy of the Department of Housing and Residential Life to not assign roommates based on race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, or culture.

Freshmen are invited to request specific roommates on their Housing Application forms. While we cannot guarantee placement of all roommate requests, every effort will be made to honor mutual roommate requests.

Upperclassman Housing Options

The University of Rhode Island provides a number of upperclassman housing options. Among our upperclassman residences are Aldrich, Burnside, Coddington, Dorr, Eddy, Ellery, Garrahy, Heathman, Hopkins, and Wiley.  In addition, the Rainbow Diversity House, Women’s Leadership House, and the International Engineering Program houses are available.  Students may also elect to participate in Greek life by residing in on-campus fraternity and sorority houses as chapter members or as boarders within those communities.

The upperclassman residence halls available come in a number of styles, including four room suites, singles, suite style units, and apartments.

All undergraduate students not living in units without kitchens are required to have a resident meal plan for the academic year.  Meal plan options for students living in theme and Greek accommodations may vary.  Undergraduates living in units with kitchens are not required to have a resident meal plan, but may choose to carry one if desired. See Dining Services for further detail.

Students living in units without kitchens are required to vacate their rooms during the university’s recess periods, such as Thanksgiving break, winter intercession, and spring break.

Building Overview

Building Class Status Style Kitchen
Adams Freshmen Hallway bathroom No
Barlow Freshmen Hallway bathroom No
Bressler Freshmen Hallway bathroom No
Browning Freshmen Hallway bathroom No
Butterfield Freshmen Hallway bathroom No
Fayerweather Freshmen Semi-private bathroom No
Gorham Freshmen Semi-private bathroom No
Hutchinson Freshmen Hallway bathroom No
Hillside Freshmen Hallway bathroom No
Merrow Freshmen Hallway bathroom No
Peck Freshmen Hallway bathroom No
Tucker Freshmen Hallway bathroom No
Weldin Freshmen Hallway bathroom No
Heathman Freshmen/Upperclassmen Semi-private bathroom No
Aldrich Upperclassmen Multiple room suite No
Burnside Upperclassmen Multiple room suite No
Coddington Upperclassmen Multiple room suite No
Dorr Upperclassmen Multiple room suite No
Eddy Upperclassmen Suite of 5 singles
Suite of 10 singles
Suite of 2 rooms
Ellery Upperclassmen Multiple room suite No
Hopkins Upperclassmen Multiple room suite No
Gateway Apartments Upperclassmen Apartment Yes
Garrahy Juniors – 6th year Seniors Suite of 4 singles
Suite of 5 singles
Suite of 10 singles
Wiley Juniors – 6th year Seniors Suite of 4 singles
Suite of 5 singles
Suite of 10 singles

Triple Rooms and the Triple Room Discount

To ensure that all incoming freshmen students who require on-campus housing receive it, freshmen residents will reside in a standard freshmen double room with two other freshmen roommates. This room configuration is commonly referred to as a “triple.” All freshmen residents including those who reside in a “triple” will be billed at the standard freshmen room rate.  However, those who reside in a “triple”, during either the fall or spring semester, will receive the URI triple room discount for the period of time that they reside with two other roommates, only. The discounted amount will be credited to each of these residents’ term bill.  Further, as a matter of policy, the University does not assign residents to a “triple” (re-triple) during the fall or spring semesters. Residents who would prefer to reside in a “triple” may do so on a voluntary basis. Residents who are seeking additional roommates should visit the Department’s Roommate Board on Facebook.  For more information please speak to a customer service representative at 401-874-4151.