Housing and Residential Life (HRL)

Adams Hall Lower Level (West Entrance), Kingston, RI 02881 – 401.874.4151

Building Layouts & Rates

Housing Rates for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. All rates are per student per semester unless otherwise noted.
Note: Rates are preliminary and subject to change pending final BOG review

Freshman Housing Rates

Building Type Rate
Adams, Barlow, Bressler, Browning, Butterfield, Fayerweather, Gorham, Heathman, Hutchinson, Merrow, Peck, Tucker, Weldin Standard Freshman Rate $3,887
Hillside Hall Hillside Freshman Rate $4,501

Upperclass Housing Rates

Building Type Rate
Aldrich, Burnside, Coddington, Dorr, Ellery, Hopkins Single
Heathman Double $3,887
Merrow, Peck, Hutchinson, Tucker Single
Eddy Suite of 5 singles
Suite of 10 singles
Suite of 2 doubles
Garrahy, Wiley Suite of 4 singles w/ Kitchen
Suite of 5 singles w/ Kitchen
Suite of 10 singles w/ Kitchen
Gateway Apartments Small double
Large double

Graduate Housing

Building Type Rate
University Village
First Floor
2 Bedroom Apartment
3 Bedroom Apartment
University Village
Second/Third Floor
2 Bedroom Apartment
3 Bedroom Apartment

Triple Rooms and the Triple Room Discount

To ensure that all incoming freshmen students who require on-campus housing receive it, freshmen residents will reside in a standard freshmen double room with two other freshmen roommates. This room configuration is commonly referred to as a “triple.” All freshmen residents including those who reside in a “triple” will be billed at the standard freshmen room rate.  However, those who reside in a “triple”, during either the fall or spring semester, will receive the URI triple room discount for the period of time that they reside with two other roommates, only. The discounted amount will be credited to each of these residents’ term bill.  Further, as a matter of policy, the University does not assign residents to a “triple” (re-triple) during the fall or spring semesters. Residents who would prefer to reside in a “triple” may do so on a voluntary basis. For more information please speak to a customer service representative at 401-874-4151.

Room Dimensions

Building Single Double Triple
Adams N/A 11.0′ by 16.5′ 15.0′ by 13.0′
Browning, Barlow, Weldin, Butterfield, Bressler N/A N/A 15.5′ by 14.0′
Merrow, Tucker, Peck, Hutchinson 8.0′ by 15.0′ 12.0′ by 15.0′ N/A
Fayerweather, Gorham N/A N/A 11.5′ by 13.0′
Aldrich, Burnside, Coddington, Door, Ellery, Hopkins 12.0′ by 13.0′ 15.0′ by 14.0′ 12.0′ by 19.0′
Eddy, Garrahy, Wiley 11.5′ by 13.0′ N/A N/A
Hillside N/A 11.5′ by 13.0′ N/A
Gateway Apartments 11.0′ by 13.0′ 12.0′ by 12.0′
12.0′ by 14.0′
12.0′ by 12.0′
12.0′ by 13.0′
12.0′ by 14.0′
Special Rooms Browning Quad
26.5′ by 15.0′
Butterfield Quad
10.0′ by 14.0′
Two Floor Room
Balcony Room
15.0′ by 12.0′
2.0′ long balcony

*All room dimensions are approximate.

Building Floor Plans

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